Junk Food News

Every BlogShares player must knows Laila. Most of them should be ever take Laila’s generosity. Including me.

Thanks to Laila, who bought my +/- 7500 chips at B$ 35 million each, finally I could buy Tabloid ideas and build Junk Food News artefact. So now I can earn about B$ 30 billion a day from raiding the industry.

Today I already at rank 259th with B$ 591 billion total worth. I hope this story will make me chosen as Premium Member, so I can be one of top 100 player like Laila.

This is the first story that I ever wrote in english at my blog. If there are any misspelling or else, everybody welcome to correct it.

Mission complete..   :)

6 thoughts on “Junk Food News”

  1. Welcome to Blogshares its a great game. After the Gene Roddenberry try and get the Ann Arbor artefect.500 ideas every time at 32 million an idea.

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